Why Website Content is So Important

Website content is vitally important. Whether you are about to have your first website designed for your traditional business, or you are an aspiring affiliate marketer, the content of your website may be the deciding factor in your online success. The reason is simple – it’s your written website content that brings the traffic to your website. You should consider your website as your online front door.


Having a great domain name and an attractive website is not enough. These things won’t matter much if your website isn’t visible when people search for the products and services you sell.


If you want to attract the right visitors (aka “targeted traffic”) to your website and generate leads for your business, and you’re going it alone rather than engaging a content marketing agency to help, there are four vitally important aspects to be considered when creating your website content:-


1.  Keywords


Keywords are the words and phrases people enter into the search box when looking for particular products or services. If your business sells ‘waddayoucallits’, many people would simply type in “waddayoucallits” but others may type “Buy Waddayoucallits” or “Find Waddayoucallits” or “What does a Waddayoucallit cost” or any one of numerous other phrases.


If your website content focuses on your new stores and your helpful sales team but rarely mentions “Waddayoucallits” by name, your website is unlikely to show up on the first page or two when your prospective customers search. Keywords should therefore be selected and included strategically in your website content.


2.  Helpful Information


In a traditional business, people love to find a helpful assistant when they arrive – one who knows about the products or services and can answer questions. Consider your website content your helpful online store assistant. If you use the Internet yourself, you will already understand that when you visit a website you get a feeling about the professionalism and capability of the company from what you see and read.


If your potential customers are captivated by the wealth of helpful information on your site they are more likely to form a favourable impression of your business and what you can do to help them. It’s also important to ensure you have content for all stages of the buyer journey – awareness, consideration and decision making phases. 


3.  Your  Online Audience & User Experience


Business owners are often tempted to ask website designers to extract content from old product brochures and other marketing material to use as website content. Some of this information may be relevant and should be incorporated into the website content – but it hasn’t been written by a website copywriter for an online audience that wants to find the right piece of information quickly. You website’s ease of navigation and content structure are key components in the ‘experience’ you provide for potential customers who visit. Give them a poor experience, and they’ll depart quickly never to return. Instead, you must make it easy for visitors to find and read content that’s relevant to their search query.


Preparing your own content and handing it to a friend who can build websites may save you a few dollars in the short term but you could pay dearly for it if you don’t understand how to optimise website copy.


4.  Quality of Your Website Content


As with many things, you get what you pay for. If you pay someone $15 per hour you are likely to end up with poorly written website content. Even if you pay a professional writer much more, you may get well written website content – but not all writers know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keywords or website content writing. 


If on the other hand, you hire a website content writer do it for you, or you allow your SEO expert to arrange it as part of a design package deal, you are likely to be thankful you did. While content writers often charge from $100 to $350 per web page (and sometimes much more), they are professional writers with particular expertise. Their knowledge can save you advertising dollars and bring many, many more visitors to your website. Marketing is a numbers game. A greater number of visitors to your website is likely to translate to more sales. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to realise the ongoing value of your investment in good website content!

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