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Looking for professional content writing services? The experienced writers and editors at Article Writers Australia would be delighted to assist you. We work remotely and have team members located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and in New Zealand. Services we provide include:

Website Content Writing Services

Creating web copy is an art and a science. There’s much more involved than simply creating content that reads well and accurately describes your offerings.

Our website copywriting services include an online content planning workshop, to help you navigate the decision you need to make when arranging new copy for a website.

Some of the key ingredients that go into creating effective web copy:

  • The writers must have a thorough understanding of your target market, their ‘pain points’, priorities, concerns, and factors they consider when deciding whether to choose you, or one of your competitors.
  • Website copy should reflect your brand voice and appeal to prospective clients by addressing their needs and goals.
  • Prospective clients must be able to navigate to relevant information easily and quickly on your website.
  • If customers search online for your products or services, SEO friendly copywriting becomes important. Copy should be aligned with relevant search terms, and Google must understand what your website offers so it can index your website pages appropriately.
  • Meta descriptions should be aligned with any relevant SEO decisions and be written in a way that encourages people to click to visit the website.
  • Your web copy should make you stand out from the competition – not blend in.

Articles, Case studies, White Papers & Ebooks

Publishing quality content can be a great way to connect with your target audience and build trust in your products or services. But there’s much more to producing the right content mix and choosing formats and topics than many imagine.

Before investing in content creation, it’s important to understand:

  • What information your target audience is seeking.
  • Where they look for it.
  • What formats they prefer.
  • When they look for it – the different stages of the ‘buyer journey’ and how this aligns with your sales funnel.
  • Your purpose – whether your goal is to demonstrate thought leadership, educate your market, provide evidence of sector expertise or capability, drive traffic to your website with optimised articles, or a mixture of these.

Not sure how to plan the right topics or what type of content you should be publishing? Ask about our content planning services.

Articles for Industry Publications

Need to elevate brand awareness by publishing in industry journals or B2B publications? We can actively seek publication opportunities for you, in additional to creating the content and liaising with publication editors on story ideas and content.

SEO Copywriting

Good content writers can help you attract relevant visitors to your website by optimising the articles you publish for search. For those unfamiliar with this strategy, here are a few basics to keep in mind:

  • The topics you choose need to align with information people are searching for online.
  • Merely publishing an article does not guarantee the article will show up first (or near first) when people search for the topic – this depends on the quality of your article, how well it’s optimised for search engines, and the content you’re competing against for search positioning.
  • The better the search numbers are for a topic, the more competition you’re likely to have. SEO Optimised articles sometimes need to be lengthy and highly detailed to produce a satisfactory result.

There’s much more to creating content than choosing a topic that people search for and writing about it. You’ll need to use skilled copywriters to produce the content. Other things to keep in mind:

  • Getting results from SEO takes planning, research, and time. This is a long-term strategy, rather than a short-term one.
  • It’s typically difficult to merge the goals of demonstrating thought leadership and creating SEO optimised content to attract relevant traffic. Thought leadership marketing and SEO are different strategies, and the topics that will generate strong interest at an executive level can be ones that people don’t actively search.

Planning + Professional Content Services = Success

Producing effective content requires thorough planning, and quality writing. This applies whether you need content for a new website, or weekly articles for a company blog.

Do you need help with website copy or other content? We’re based in Sydney, but we assist clients all over Australia to plan, create and edit content. Talk to us about content writing services today.

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I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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