Content Marketing Tools – ‘Fresh Web Explorer’ from Moz

Do you use email alerts and tools to get information on industry topics and news items or to track mentions of your brand or particular search terms or keywords? If so you might like Moz’s ‘Fresh Web Explorer’ tool (FWE).

Moz claim to have developed FWE to combine many of the features of a bunch of other useful – but limited in scope – tools such as Google Alerts, SocialMention, Buzzstream and others. FWE attempts to overcome the limitations of Google Alerts and others by providing access to a very broad range of useful web information in one program.



What can you track with FWE?

• Mentions of your brand across the web.

• Backlinks to your site – could be particularly useful if you wish to do a link clean-up to remove backlinks from poor quality sites which could harm your SEO.

• Social mentions of your brand on sites such as Facebook and Google Plus.

• Articles, blogs and other content on a particular topic.

• Mentions of / links to your competitors’ sites.

• Use of particular terms, phrases or keywords.

• What people are saying about a particular topic.

• Content produced by a competitor on a topic that relates to you, giving you the opportunity to come up with a better offer or content version and so on.

In other words, virtually any web content you want to find or track may be done through this tool.

Advantages of Fresh Web Explorer

• With FWE you have the option of filtering alerts in a very detailed manner, such as exact phrase matching, multiple terms with a similar meaning, links to pages, subdomains, and so on.

• Using this tool may also provide you with opportunities for link-building. For instance, if you find a mention of your brand but without backlinks, you could contact the site owner and ask that they link back to your site.

• Particular advantages of FWE include fresh alerts of the most recent data, and also provision of the full text content containing / surrounding links and mentions.

• ‘Feed Authority’ – which measures the importance of feed on a scale from 1 to 100 according to the alerts you have requested. For example old content will receive a lower feed score than content that is very recent and a close match to what you are seeking.

What does it cost?

At the time of writing, FWE is $99 per month but a free 30-day trial is available to let you try it out before committing to a plan. You can find out more about Fresh Web Explorer here.

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