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This week brings another very useful Problogger guest post in which Dan Zarrella analyses the best times and days to publish your blog posts. Perhaps of greater interest, he also analysed 1000 popular blogs and among those sites he found a high correlation between posting fresh blog content more than once a day and the number of visitors and incoming links a site had.

The Link Between Publishing Frequency and the Success of Your Blog

According to Dan’s analysis, blogs with a post frequency of less than 1 post per day had less than 50,000 visitors per month and fewer than 150,000 links (don’t choke on that or start feeling too inferior, we are talking about the most popular blogs!) whereas those with a post frequency greater than once per day tended to have visitor numbers closer to 100,000 and over 250,000 links.

Before you race off to crank out a pile of extra blog posts for the week in the hope of seeing website traffic and back links skyrocket, there’s much more to it than the quantity of posts. Clearly many of the blogs analysed are well established and have built up a good volume of content and a loyal following over a period of time. There’s also some evidence that frequent posting can turn subscribers away.

Darren Rowse of Problogger did a bit of a survey back in 2007 to look at the reasons people unsubscribed from blogs. The number one reason was “too many posts.”  That was closely followed by the number two reason – “infrequent posting.”  So what’s the answer?

One would have to suspect that it comes down to the quality of the posts. Posting to your blog two or three times a day isn’t going to help if the posts you create aren’t useful for visitors or subscribers. If you have sufficient time to create only one really useful post a week, then you’re likely to be better off sticking to that frequency rather than adding five posts that offer your readers little or no information of interest. It almost goes without saying that to keep your content useful for your readers you need to define your target audience and write accordingly.

Of course, if you can turn up your blog writing productivity without losing the quality, then Dan Zarrella’s analysis suggests it’s time to get busy writing more blog content! If you’re time poor you could increase your post frequency by arranging some high quality guest blog posts and/or by paying a writing service to prepare additional blog content for you.

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