Content Creation Tools Used by Agencies and Pros

One of our highly regarded friends and professional colleagues has given Article Writers high praise in his latest podcast examining the Ultimate Content Creation Tools Used By Agencies And Pros (above).

Moby Siddique, head of strategy at Red Pandas, agrees with us – quality content creation is a key weapon in every marketer’s toolbox.

“Sometimes you can’t go past outsourced local writers. My fourth tool would be a friend of mine who runs a content marketing agency in Sydney called Article Writers,” he says.

“I’ve actually used these guys in a previous gig. The value is you get to speak to an account manager, of sorts, who can either suggest a process for you, based on your objectives, or possibly work within the parameters of your own process.”

We’ve embedded Moby’s podcast above and copied his summary below so you can quickly reference the key takeaways.

1. Content Ideation

a. Upcontentupcontent

  • What is it? Content discovery tool that finds content, influencers and relationships between other content topics.
  • Pro-tip: push to buffer from here!


  • What is it? It is a long tail keyword finder.
  • Keyword io is more persona aligned, it’s more directed to the types of questions they are asking themselves, friends and Google.keyword 150x150 1

c. Google AdWords Keyword Planner (accessible only to account holders)

  • Key with keyword planner is using the right filters.
  • Keywords to include “directory” for instance, gave me (2) keywords.
  • Date range, in our example for March 2016 says there was a 20%+ increase in search year on year.

2. Content Creation

Some pro tips

  1. There are no shortcuts when it comes to content so you will still need to spending time on a brief and time cleaning it up.
  2. Go longer, there is evidence to suggest longer articles will get more shares. Not simply for being longer with more fluff but longer with more value.
  3. Semantic search too from an SEO perspective, longer articles will allow you to naturally cover more associated or related topics that could be a positive flag for Google and that other random one, Bing.

content 300x214 1a. Article Writers

  • Australian based content agency (good exchange rate for our US listeners!)
  • More high touch and account management based.
  • Check them out, speak to Leonie and drop my name for a good offer!

b. Google Docs spreadsheet calendar

  • Powerful content project management tool for tracking and stakeholder management.
  • Pro-tip: Right-click in a cell and select insert comment and that creates a sort of flag the next user has to accept to remove.

3. Content Distribution

a. Outbrain

  • What is it? Outbrain is like the display network, but for content.
  • There is very little configuration you can do apart from budget, location and tagging URLs so you see them in GA but you can split test titles which is pretty useful
  • Also try Taboola.

b. Facebookdistribution 300x200 1

  • Highly overlooked. FB is getting harder to crack with all the noise on it now but it still works. If you can promote a piece of value or entertaining content it will do better than your competitors brand ads.

c. Google Remarketing

  • The idea here is someone visits your site, they are now brand familiar and hopefully know a little bit more about what you do but say they’ve now left without converting.
  • Ease them back into your brand by promoting some content. Guides and resources work very well here but a decent entertaining or valuable article good work well too.

d. SocialOomph

  • What is it? Allows you to create a “content bank” and have content shared on a random rotation on an ongoing basis.
  • You create a “content bucket” and upload tweets into it.
  • Then SocialOomph will randomly pick a piece of content from that bucket and share it according to a frequency that you define.
  • You can create many different content buckets. For example, you might have one on parenting tips that shares a tip a week, you could have one for curated content, another for your created content (which you might want to push twice a week).
  • This way your Twitter account will keep growing and carry on sending traffic to your site – even when you’re not actively using.

“Succinct, engaging
and accurate”

I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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