Why You Should Outsource Your Web Content

One of the key components of a user friendly website is its written content. Informative, well written web copy is crucial for your readers’ experience and helps them take in information quickly and clearly. The saying “content is king” has long guided web copywriters and tightly-written and informative copy will enable your readers to (a) glean details about your company’s products and services and (b) respond to “calls to action”.

While there are many advantages to keeping written content for your website in house, including better control over style, presentation and deadline, keeping your site updated regularly can be time-consuming. Time spent writing may well take you and your staff away from other pressing business concerns.

An alternative is to outsource your writing. Hiring a professional writer or content agency to supply material for your site can have a number of advantages.

It may occur that you may get too tied up in your product/service and an outside source may help “dejargonise” descriptions to help make it clearer to the reader. A good professional writer should also have good business sense and understand the emphasis on key selling points contained in the web content. Chief among these is the delivery of a strong and clear “call to action” towards the end of the page where this is appropriate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an all-encompassing strategy designed to optimise your website for search engines. A major part of an SEO strategy is the skilful use of keywords (the inclusion in text of words related to your website used in search engines).

A professional writing company will understand how SEO works and be able to integrate your selected keywords strategically throughout the text in an understated yet effective way. They know that too many keywords/keyphrases will make the text incomprehensible, smothering your message and putting off the reader.

Add to this an ability to work to deadline and quality expression skills and outsourcing your web content can be a cost effective, convenient and efficient way of arranging your web copy.

Article Writers Australia offers writing services via a team of experienced writing professionals with expertise in a range of areas. For further information, please contact Leonie here.

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I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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