8 Ways to Use Your Content to Drive Organic Traffic

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You might have a goal to drive organic traffic to your blog or website, but do you know exactly what methods you’re going to use to achieve it? Are your article writers creating the right type of content to achieve your goals? Here are eight ways that you can use your content to drive organic traffic.

Have a content marketing strategy

Before you start on any content marketing, you need to have a content marketing strategy in place. This plan should include information on who your target market is, what activities you will undertake to engage with them, when you will implement these activities, as well as KPIs and metrics so you can measure your progress.

Create a buyer persona

You can’t expect to drive traffic when you don’t know who you are creating content for. Your ideal buyer persona might include information on their:

  • Background – education, hobbies, employment type, family.
  • Demographics – gender, age, income.
  • Goals and challenges – employing a new staff member, or poor cash flow for example.

Once you have determined your buyer persona, you can more easily create content suited to your target audience.

Optimise for keywords

Optimising for keywords doesn’t mean keyword stuffing or writing a blog post based around a single keyword. It means writing content that is relevant to your audience, so that keywords fall naturally into the text. With Google moving into semantic search, longtail keywords are becoming very important. These are longer keyword phrases rather than single or typical two word keyword phrases. An example is the keyword ‘Android’. This keyword is much too broad even though it’s likely to have a high number of searches. You would increase your success rate if you were to use a longtail keyword such as ‘Android photography app’ which is much narrower.

Publish valuable content

Once you’ve determined your buyer persona and their goals and challenges, it will allow you to publish content that is of value to them. Using the buyer persona mentioned above, you might write an article about how to get your clients pay on time for example. Publishing content that is of value to your audience increases the likelihood of shares on social media and backlinks to your website.

Promote your content

If you’ve written a piece of content or posted a video that you think is superb and would benefit one or two of your clients, let them know by sending them an email with the link, and even ask them to share it. Don’t forget to promote your content on your social media channels and in your newsletter too.

Be consistent

As part of your content strategy, come up with a content frequency that suits you and do your best to stick with it. Your customers will become accustomed to your posting frequency, and will be waiting for your content.

Do it better

One of the best ways to drive traffic is to find content in your niche that has been done well and to do it even better by putting your own spin on it. When you find this content, try to look for gaps, and questions that haven’t been answered, and have your article writers create content around those.

Reviews and testimonials

Encouraging genuine reviews and including customer testimonials on your website can establish trust and improve your conversion rates.

Evergreen content

The ideal content is the type that is never out-of-date and that can continue to bring you traffic months and years after you have published it.

Implementing these eight methods doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you stick to your content strategy, and convey your strategy to a good content writing service or in-house content writers, you are likely to notice the difference in your organic traffic results.

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