10 Ways To Get Results Blogging For Your Business

Blogging is easy. Doing it in a way that gets results is trickier.

If you’ve wasted time or money creating blog content that isn’t yielding results for your business, it’s likely due to a simple gap in your understanding of the art (and science) of business blogging.

Here are some fundamentals that could shed some light on why your current approach isn’t working.

  1. Cut your own path. Don’t assume that your competitors who publish frequently are getting it right and try to imitate their strategy. Only a tiny percentage of them are likely to be achieving significant results. Learn how to excel – the rewards really are there for the taking.
  2. Target audienceThe content bar is much higher than most people think it is. Informative style articles on your blog offering a few basic tips might seem perfectly acceptable in terms of quality, but in reality it’s mediocre to poor in its capacity to generate engagement and leads. If you want outstanding results, your blog writing service needs to be producing outstanding content – the type of content that’s so amazingly useful to your target audience that some will share it with their contacts and colleagues. It also needs to be a ‘good read’ in terms of structure, pace and flow.
  3. Publish and promote. Posting an article on your blog and hoping people find it while searching for information on that topic might bring you some site visitors, but you’ll be missing the bigger opportunity. You need to promote the article by linking to it from your social media accounts, and using an update teaser that’s good enough to compel people to click through to read more.
  4. Top quality content + promotion = results. Get the two previous points right and your article could be read by hundreds or thousands of people as it’s shared multiple times online. Brand awareness bonus.
  5. Blog audienceIf you’re a professional or B2B consultant, personal profile building can be the key. People are interested in your personal expertise. Aim to become a trusted topic authority by following points 2 and 3 and you’ll stand out above the many ‘experts’ that prolifically publish mediocre material. People will be reaching out to you with questions and comments – that’s lead generation. Creating thought leadership articles is a step towards achieving that.
  6. To do well you need to build an audience. That takes time and ongoing effort. Your audience is comprised of those who have liked or followed your social pages or subscribed to your blog for updates. The larger your audience, the more people you reach when you publish, and the more opportunity there is to extend your reach as audience members share your content.
  7. For the best results, your content must be highly relevant to your target market – your target market is also your target audience. Before you write a single post, you should have a clear picture of who these people are. Consider developing buyer personas.
  8. Writing draftsPut your money where your mouth is. If you can allocate a little budget to ‘boost’ posts or use amplification services, you can build audience faster – but do this with caution. To get the best results the content you promote this way should be your most shareable pieces.
  9. There are no shortcuts to good quality content. You’ll either need to put in the time and effort to create it, or engage professional content writers to do it for you.
  10. Don’t ever take your eye off the ball. If you’re not measuring your results, you can’t be sure you’re getting any.

Does that sound like hard work?

Here’s the good news: one outstanding article a month that is detailed and useful to readers is likely to get better results than ten mediocre articles, and you might be surprised at just how quickly you start to see those results.

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Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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