3 Ways To Market Yourself To A Niche

Do you have a writing niche like real estate or property development? Maybe you’ve worked in a particular field so you understand the nuances and complexities better than the average freelance writer. 

This might enable you to position yourself as a topic expert, target clients in that area, and command a healthy rate. Ensure you highlight your point of difference – here are 3 ways to market your content writing services to a niche.

1.Create a targeted lead magnet, pushed out through paid channels like Facebook advertising, to attract new prospects in your niche. This can be a free checklist or ebook relevant to the industry you specialise in. Ensure you include strong CTAs and ask for their email in exchange as a minimum, to then continue sending relevant content in that market segment. 

2. Weave your industry throughout your website, SEO and social media – highlight your specialty on your home and about pages, add targeted blog CTAs and garner testimonials from clients in your niche, to make the decision for future visitors easier. If you have an SEO strategy in place, you might decide to build customised pages to rank for keywords in your niche. List the credentials that position you favourably to your target clients to make you stand apart. Include your industry in meta title and description tags, including those for your homepage – i.e. ‘COMPANY NAME – Property Social Media and Digital Marketing’. Weave your specialty keywords into free and paid channels, including social media and search engine marketing (SEM) to continually position yourself as an expert in that field and attract the right type of customers. This will essentially become part of your brand so that your ideal clients can find you more easily.     

3. Add industry-related pop-ups. A well-mapped pop-up strategy is a great way to grow an email list. Add lead magnet pop-ups on the pages that your niche is most likely to visit, such as the Home, About and relevant blog pages. Ensure you have a pop-up strategy to make the most of the details you capture.

In most cases, there’s no need to worry that highlighting your niche will limit the number of clients you work with. Many content writers find they get more enquiries from quality clients looking for specialist services as a result of niching. When you niche down on one or two sectors, it’s a great way to strengthen your brand, stand out from the crowd and reach your target followers in a competitive market.  


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