What is SEO and How Can it Affect My Business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is defined as improving certain aspects of your website or webpage to increase its visibility for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The goal is to gain a higher ranking in search results, which often means more people will visit your site. Part of this strategy should include the addition of keywords and phrases relevant to the company’s business.

Careful research needs to be carried out to decide which keywords and phrases will be most effective. For example an optimised website for a cafe in Katoomba, NSW may appear higher in search results for the Google search “Katoomba cafe” or “Katoomba coffee” if the phrases are included regularly in a number of blog posts and articles on the site.

However this use of keyword-rich text is not the only factor that could possibly affect search ranking. Others include the page layout, the number of quality links pointing to your site and whether your competitors’ pages are also optimised for search rankings.

SEO remains a broad, complex and inexact science around which a whole industry has grown. It appears opinion is fairly divided among SEO professionals on questions such as what should be prioritised in optimising a website, mainly because the algorithms used by the search engines remain a closely guarded secret.

While opinions differ though, it would appear that most experts agree on the importance of three key elements in optimising your website for search engine visibility.

1. Add original content which includes the search words and phrases that your customers will look for in search engines.

2. Attract quality links to your page.

3. Regularly update your site.

However it is important to note the adage which applies to writing web content. This is that “content is king”. While it is necessary to increase your website’s visibility with search engines by using keyword-rich words and phrases, bear in mind the ultimate end user — the reader. Overuse of keywords in a way that makes it obvious they are being used for SEO may be off putting. They may consider the article as spam (or worse unreadable) and move on.

Moreover Google continually tightens its content rules around quality content and updates processes and algorithms to reward publisher who focus on quality. You can read more about Google algorithms here.

A properly search engine optimised webpage may assist your business reach higher rankings on search engines and original, sharp and well-written keyword-rich content is an important part of this. Talk with us about how we can help you add such content for your webpage in the style of your choice.

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