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Experts suggest one of the best ways to improve search engine visibility for your website (as well as provide readers with regular news and information) is by adding a regularly-updated, well-written blog containing good quality content.

Search engines tend to like websites which contain fresh, original material and this is one important factor in the SEO (search engine optimisation). An optimised site needs a number of factors to improve its visibility in search engines.

However, having decided to take this step, you may be looking for suggestions on what to post.

This of course would depend on the type of business you operate however taking the example of a small tourist-orientated company, readers (in many cases potential visitors) may appreciate regular blog posts on a number of topics.

These may include:

  • Blog posts of historical interest on a number of relevant topics.
  • Details of events of local interest (e.g. festivals, sporting events, competitions, plays)
  • Blog entries containing recipes made from local ingredients.
  • Interviews with local identities.
  • Reviews of local bushwalks, tourist attractions.
  • List of things to do.
  • Specials.
  • Guest posts from other local bloggers.

Like posting on social media sites, the key to finding how often to blog is to find that happy medium between posting too often and not enough. Here knowing your audience, their interests and how often they tend to browse online is a great help. Moreover while quality trumps quantity every time, it is important not to post so infrequently that you lose the attention of both search engines and your human audience. Try mixing up the blog posts, alternating longer, more detailed articles with shorter ones (such as recipes) to maintain regularity.

Combine your regular blog entries with your social media marketing plan by adding links to the blog post in an update on your Facebook Page or Twitter account. Not only should this increase the number of people reading the post but it will also drive more traffic to your website

The number of words will depend on how much information you have to impart however blog writing, as with all good news writing, should be sharp, concise and informative. The idea that blogging should be effective communication is at the heart of successful writing is explored in detail in, The 7 Cs of Business Communication: Make Your Posts Shareworthy Every Time, an excellent guest post by Writing Happiness’s Myra at ProBlogger.

Of course to ensure your blog is regularly updated takes time, something you or your staff may not have. To resolve this, why not consider outsourcing your blog writing? Contact Leonie at AWA and discuss how our professional writers can help you.

Happy blogging!

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