Looking for Inspiration for Your B2B Newsletter?

An newsletter can be an important part of a B2B content marketing strategy. A B2B newsletter is an effective communication tool to connect with your current clients, and nurture relationships over the long term. It also provides the opportunity to build a strong following of potential clients that you can look to convert in the future. But with an often sophisticated audience, what makes an effective B2B newsletter? A newsletter that encourages people to click through to your website or purchase goods or services from you relies on compelling content. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here’s a quick guide to some of the different types of content you can include.

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The audience and segmentation

The first to ensure is that you really do know your audience. Your newsletter content should be focused on fixing common problems or addressing common issues your audience has, and providing key insight on topics that are likely to interest them. If you have multiple types of industries appearing on your distribution list, you can segment your audience and target your newsletter, either by buyer persona or industry. If you’re only sending out one newsletter, then include items that are likely to be of interest to different segments under separate headings, so they can be easily found.

How can I engage my readers?

Ultimately, this communication platform is all about engaging your readers. Feature interesting stories and compelling headlines that encourage readers to click through to your website.  Provide opportunities for them to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you on social media, consider including special offers or free downloads, and feature your contact details so that they know how to get in touch to request a quote or more information!

What to feature in your B2B Newsletter

There’s plenty of content that you can include in your newsletter:

  • Blog articles – You can use your newsletter to promote interesting and newsworthy articles from your blog.
  • A message from your CEO/president/general manager/director – You might want to include a short message or opinion piece related to recent events or current affairs.
  • Special offers for services or products – This might be 20% off, a free consultation, or a free download of a useful resource such as an e-book. Make sure you take people straight through to a landing page where they can easily purchase or download.
  • Latest industry developments – The main thing to remember here is to outline how your readers will be affected by the changes.
  • Company updates – You can also include relevant company news. Just make sure that the update will be of interest to your audience, for example how a change will improve the services or products you provide. Your newsletter is unlikely to find traction if it is focused more on your company than on providing value to your target market.
  • Hints and tips – What are some frequent problems experienced by your audience, and how can you potentially solve them? Snippets of tips and hints can add interest to your newsletter.

How to structure your newsletter

Start with a short introduction of a paragraph or so, including a brief overview of the contents of your newsletter. Your introduction should prominently feature any special offer you might have, or any important news. Then you can add snippets of each of your newsletter items below that. Insert a compelling headline and a couple of ‘teaser’ sentences for each item you want to include, alongside an eye-catching image.

If you’re using one of your own blog articles, promoting some company news, or offering a special discount or offer, provide a hyperlink through to the full article or landing page on your website.

And remember – don’t just dump every story from the blog over the past month into your e-newsletter template. Pick three or four interesting items, so that your audience isn’t scrolling down forever!

And finally a quick note on layout

While content is key to a successful newsletter, it’s also important to consider the layout. A template that is too busy, too text heavy or that lacks punch can leave your audience with a finger hovering over the delete button, no matter how good your content is! Aim for a streamlined template, make sure your text is broken up into manageable chunks, and that the colours you use align with your branding.

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