Writing Headlines for the Web

We’re spoiled for choice here in the Internet generation. There is so much information available at our fingertips on a range of different subjects that it takes something special to stop us in our tracks.

This is the role of headlines.

While headlines have always been important for print media, they are more so for online articles as the headline is not only the first introduction to the item but often the link to the story. The reader who views the headline on the landing page, or in a link on another site or through a Reader such as Google Reader will not link through if the headline does not “grab” them.

The well-written headline therefore should both pique the reader’s interest, contain keywords (words that relate to the subject) as well as define simply what the story is about.

The headline should at all times be accurate and describe the article well. Make sure the headline is specific enough to describe what the article is about, yet never be misleading. Never promise one thing in the headline, only to lead into a completely different subject. This will only frustrate your reader, possibly encouraging them never to return.

Optimise your headline
Link your headline with your search engine optimisation strategy (SEO). For example, include some of your targeted keywords in the headline text. Obviously this is a tactic you should use sparingly as articles, blog posts containing the same keywords over and over will distract and even annoy the reader.

Highlight Benefits
This can emphasise the “what’s in it for me” factor for your reader. With the range of choice, the reader may look at the headline and ask if this solves a problem/answers a query etc. If the headline introduces clearly what it is they have in mind, the likelihood is they will click through and read the text.

Try sub heads
Using a sub heading along with your headline can give you a little more room to move to explain the article. Sub headings generally are longer than the headline and add to, rather than retell, the information already imparted in the headline.

For more in-depth information on writing attention-grabbing headlines, see this article by CopyBlogger.

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