What Do SEO Writers Do That Others Don’t?

If your friendly search engine optimisation expert has told you that you need get some good SEO articles or other SEO content for your website it might have occurred to you to ask a relative or friend to do the writing so you don’t have to pay for your articles. There are plenty of good writers around and your friend or relative might well be one of them but if they’re not an experienced SEO writer, the entire exercise might be futile. The content they write might read beautifully, but unless they know how to write for search engines as well as site readers, your content isn’t likely to achieve the result your SEO expert has in mind.

So what do SEO writers do that others don’t? An SEO writer understands that your articles need to:

  • include relevant keywords that are positioned where search engines will notice them;
  • not contain so many keywords that search engines ignore the articles;
  • contain other related words that will help the search engines to understand what the content – and your website – is about;
  • be written in a style that’s suitable for the web – relatively short sentences and paragraphs, and most often, in a conversational style.
  • be of interest to the types of people most likely to be searching for your products or services;

There’s quite an art to good SEO writing and while every aspiring content writer has to start somewhere, it’s best not to entrust your SEO articles to a writer who hasn’t been trained in this type of writing.

Why You Might Need SEO Articles

If the whole ‘SEO thing’ is a mystery to you, don’t feel too bad about it – it’s a mystery to the vast majority of the human race. Essentially, SEO articles may help your website to come up more often in organic searches when people are looking for the products and services you offer – that’s because the amount of relevant content you have on your website helps the search engines decide how relevant your site is – in comparison to your competitors – when people search. So in general, the more relevant content you have, the better.

Where to Order SEO Articles

If you search for SEO article writers online you’ll find hundreds of them in a number of countries. You’ll also find a big range of article prices but here’s a tip – if someone is going to sell you articles at $2, $5 or even $10 each and you’re actually considering it, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long does it take to write a good article?
  • How much are these writers being paid per hour?
  • Is English the writer’s first language?
  • Will the cheap content be unique and tailor written for your site or is it likely to be plagiarised or copied at that price?
  • How much money will you have wasted if the articles are useless?

If you’re in Australia, why not choose Australian article writers? Someone based in Australia will no doubt be happy to discuss the project with you or your SEO expert by telephone if need be – and it’s always nice to know you can reach a company by telephone if you’re not happy or don’t receive your articles.

You’ll find exceptionally high quality SEO writers at Article Writers Australia so why not call or email us today to discuss your content needs?

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