Sydney Criminal Lawyers and a contenting tale about long tail keywords

Long tail keywords in blog content: a case study

If you discovered a simple way to attract 50% more visitors to your business website and increase your conversation rate by 40%, just by adding blog content, how quickly would you take up that opportunity? It’s a level of change that could have quite an impact on turnover. One business, Sydney Criminal Lawyers has done exactly that over the past 3 months. Not by themselves mind you – they had a little help from our article writers and from Bill at SEO for Small Business. The good news is that Bill and Ugur Nedim from SCL have agreed to share their blog strategy and results with our readers.

The long tail keyword strategy

Three months ago Bill and Ugur decided to target long tail keyword phrases. These were long tail phrases that were already bringing some traffic to the website, but as the SCL site wasn’t high in the organic search results for those phrases, the number of visitors arriving via those keywords was low. Bill calls these “under performing” long tail keywords. The strategy: to post 3 items each week to the SCL blog, incorporating long tail keywords into the posts. Naturally, writing blog posts isn’t a priority task for criminal lawyers so SCL began to order their blog posts from Article Writers Australia. Bill and Ugur monitored the results over 3 months.

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  • For the past 3 months, organic traffic has increased by 50%
  • For the past 3 months, overall site traffic has increased by 50%
  • For the past 3 months, organic conversions for non-branded keywords have increased by 30%
  • For the past 3 months, overall conversions for non-branded keywords have increased by 40%

Bill explains how & why this SEO strategy works:  

“By writing copy about these under performing long tail phrases, in most cases (over 90%), they increase in rank from page 2 and beyond to Google page 1. Due to the improvement in rank, consistent content creation utilising these long tail phrases results in an increase in targeted organic traffic.

Long tail phrases tend to show a higher conversion rate than competitive primary phrases – this is because they’re more targeted. For example, ‘blue widgets Sydney’ is more targeted than just ‘widgets’ and more likely to convert from site visit to enquiry or from lead to sale.

So not only can consistent content creation for long tail phrases increase your organic traffic, it can also increase your conversion rate.

I must emphasise the importance of always writing for your audience and producing high quality and useful content. It’s no good producing content just for the sake of targeting long tail phrases. It must be content that your audience is happy to read and share with their social circles.

Used this way, content can also have the effect of positively building your brand’s reputation and attracting new customers.  Great content also attracts social signals through social engagement and provides ‘natural’ back links – so it has the capacity to continually improve your site SEO.”

What to do…

To find out more about using long tail keywords or to get affordable help with your SEO, contact [email protected] .

Of course if the most pressing problem you have this year isn’t with long tail keywords but with the long arm of the law, you might like to contact Ugur at Sydney Criminal Lawyers for advice. You’ll also find the SCL blog contains a wealth of information on criminal offences including penalties, defences, the court process and recent changes to legislation.  And more interesting blog content is being added each week.

If you decide to make your blog work a little harder, why not put our copywriting service to work and hire us to write your blog posts?

“Succinct, engaging
and accurate”

I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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