How to sharpen your call to action

One of the keys to clean, effective content writing for business pages is to include a clear call to action. The meaning of the article could be lost if a reader is unsure how to follow through. 

Whether your intention is to inform, persuade, sell goods or to get the reader to click through to your website, the call must be positive and clear. But how do you go about getting the message across?

Does the call to action deliver?

The message must be honest and describe clearly what the reader will find if they do as is required by the call to action. Trust is important as you guide the reader (usually a prospective client) through the next stage of the sales process.

Make the message positive

Your readers are usually busy, and may be looking for any excuse to move on. Make the call to action language strong and positive. Use active verbs to help them understand just what it is they need to do next.

Don’t overdo the message

While it is important for the reader to understand what the call to action is and what they need to do to follow through, it is as equally important to not overdo the sell. Don’t cover the article with calls to action throughout — nothing will distract the reader more.

In summary, when you are writing something you want readers to respond to by taking a certain action, make sure the content writing contains a clear, effective, appropriate call to action.

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