Content Localisation: 9 Reasons to Localise Content for the Australian B2B Market

Content localisation isn’t just about changing the spelling; it means fine-tuning your message to resonate with the Australian audience. For global brands targeting the Australian B2B sector, understanding the local market and tailoring marketing content is crucial.

Here are nine reasons to arrange for local Australian content writers to adapt your content for down under.

  1. Cultural connection

Business culture in Australia might seem much the same as in other Western countries, but it has its nuances, including in communication style and business etiquette.

Example: A North American B2B tech company using aggressive sales language might be off-putting to Australian businesses. The Aussies often prefer a more collaborative and relationship-focused approach.

  1. Language nuances

Using the correct business terminology and professional language is crucial in B2B communications to ensure clarity and signal professionalism.

Example: An international fintech company that talks about “wire transfers” in promotional content aimed at the Australian audience might see better engagement by using the term “international money transfers” instead. The term “wire transfer” isn’t typically used in Australia.

  1. Regulatory compliance

B2B products and services – especially those in finance, health and technology – must comply with Australian laws and industry standards to gain trust and avoid penalties.

Example: A medical device company aiming to enter the Australian market without clearly indicating its products’ compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) rules might find it challenging to gain traction. If you have health related products or services, you’ll want to engage web content writers in Australia who are familiar with TGA and copywriting issues.

  1. Localise content for increased relevance and relatability

Understanding the Australian economic climate, industry-specific challenges and opportunities can make B2B content more relevant and relatable. It’s also the case that some industries in Australia aren’t at the same level of maturity as they are in the USA – and that can mean the need for additional content to educate the market, and a different approach to sales.

Example: Content that discusses European economic trends without tying them back to their impact on the Australian market might fail to engage Australian business readers looking for actionable local insights.

  1. Competitive advantage in a crowded market

In a competitive B2B landscape, localising marketing content can help your brand stand out and demonstrate a commitment to the Australian market.

Example: A software company specialising in agricultural management that fails to address aspects of Australian agriculture, such as water rights management and the specifics of wool and cattle farming, could find it difficult to compete with local providers who understand the Australian market.

  1. Optimised local search and engagement

If SEO and online visibility are important to your efforts to reach the Australian market, you’ll need to pay attention to Australian terms and search habits.

Example: A SaaS company specialising in “HR solutions” but not including terms like “HR software Australia” might not effectively reach Australian businesses searching for locally-relevant solutions.

  1. Local case studies and success stories

Sharing success stories and case studies from the Australian market can validate your brand’s effectiveness and relevance to prospective B2B clients.

Example: A global renewable energy consultancy targeting the Australian market would do well to demonstrate knowledge of the local regulations, conditions and opportunities. Creating content that relates to the local market, including Australian project case studies, will make it easier to connect with potential clients.

  1. Incorporate local data and research

Localising your content with Australian statistics and research underscores its relevance and applicability.

Example: A market research company using US-based data in their industry reports, without incorporating Australian market research, will have little appeal to Australian B2B clients seeking local insights.

  1. Align with Australian values and social issues

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are increasingly important in B2B relationships. Content that reflects these values in an Australian context can foster stronger business partnerships.

Example: A manufacturing company discussing their global sustainability efforts without mentioning initiatives or impacts in Australia might miss an opportunity to connect with Australian businesses that prioritise environmental responsibility in their supply chain.

Steps to localise content

Marketing professionals know the importance of tailoring content to resonate with different buyer personas and sector-related market segments. Arranging content localisation calls for much the same process:

  1. Identify the content formats you need to use for the Australian market. This might include brochures, white papers, EDMs, case studies and reports.
  2. Review existing content and decide whether it can be localised, or whether you need to create new versions for your Australian marketing campaigns.

If you’re not a local, or you simply don’t have the resources to localise the content or write new pieces, reach out to us here at Article Writers Australia for B2B content marketing help or to speak to a content strategist. We can assist you with content localisation and other content marketing services.

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