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Do you have B2B success stories that deserve to be told?  Let the team at Article Writers Australia turn your client success stories into powerful marketing case studies that empower your sales team by providing evidence of experience and successful outcomes in particular sectors, solutions, or project scales. Our  professional case study writing services can be engaged on a casual or retainer basis.

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Benefits of Creating Case Studies

  • Build Credibility & Demonstrate Expertise: They showcase your expertise and success in solving real client problems.
  • Attract the Right Clients: Compelling, data-backed success stories that resonate with your target market can help you attract ideal clients.
  • Highlight Unique Solutions: They provide an opportunity to emphasise your unique approach and solutions.
  • Support Sales Teams: A good case study library provides your B2B sales team with content that illustrates the value of your services and helps convert leads to sales.

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Other Content Services

Article Writers Australia can also assist you with:

  • Articles & white papers
  • Content strategy
  • Content plans & calendars
  • Editing services
  • Blog management

Engagement Options

Work with us in the way that best suits you:

Casual projects

We accept casual and one-off projects. Simply send a brief and request a quote and turnaround time estimate for each project.

Monthly fixed price

If you have the same requirements each month, we’ll provide a fixed quote. We’ll invoice you monthy and set up a content delivery schedule that suits you.


If you have a range of content requirements, or if the volume of work can vary from month to month, you might prefer to have a retainer in place.  We offer monthly retainers based on a monthly budget, and evergreen retainers. Our monthly retainers include the flexibility to roll over unused amounts, adjust the retainer amount at any time, or pause for a catch up. An evergreen retainer allows you to deposit an initial amount to draw on and top up only when needed.

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“Succinct, engaging
and accurate”

I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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