8 Great Podcasts for Australian Small Business Owners

The podcasting ‘boom’ has well and truly reached Australia in the last few years. It’s really not hard to see why – podcasts are something you can tune into at almost any time, such as while eating breakfast, commuting on a busy train, relaxing on the couch, or even while in bed at night.

So the big question is – who is podcasting in 2016, and which podcasts are worth a listen when it comes to small business marketing?

Check out our list of eight great Australian podcasts for small business owners and digital marketers.

  1. Darren Rowse at ProBlogger podcasts

Darren is a Melbourne-based blogger who writes about a range of different topics. His podcasts include a mini-series on warming up your blog readers – which covers such topics as how you can turn your blog readers into raving fans, through getting their attention and interest to start with, then connecting and engaging with them. It includes:

  • 4 techniques for getting more eyeballs on your blog.
  • Turning first-time visitors into interested readers.
  • Getting readers to subscribe and connect.
  • Moving readers from passive lurking to engagement.

Darren also has podcasts on writing effective sales copy, lead pages, affiliate marketing tips, and five steps on how to start a blog.


2. Moby Siddique at Red Pandas / Inbound Buzz

Moby is a digital marketing consultant and strategist based in Sydney. He is also a co-founder at Red Pandas and a partner at Hubspot.

Moby’s Inbound Buzz podcasts cover a variety of digital marketing topics including analytics, reporting tools and tricks, creating personas, home pages, remarketing, promoting content and more.

We’ve mentioned Moby and Red Pandas before on our blog and provided a link to his podcast on ultimate content creation tools, which covers tips for content ideation, creation, and distribution.

  1. PwC Digital Pulse podcast

PwC is one of the country’s leading professional services companies, offering services in taxation, legal matters, finances, accountancy, business, and assurance.

Some of PwC’s podcasts include:

  • The sharing economy’s next move – covering the collaborative economy and the effects of disruption.
  • Measuring the success of your mobile app – which is done by first establishing what your goals are.
  • Loyalty schemes – includes why traditional programs are not working and how to make it work better.
  1. Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon at HerBusiness podcast

HerBusiness is a part of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, which as the name suggests, is designed to help women start and grow their own businesses.

The HerBusiness podcast covers a wide range of topics including blog posts that sell, creating a landing page that converts, web design insights, how to write and publish successful e-books, email marketing trends, five reasons to include webinars in your content strategy, and social media tips in the Social Media for Small Business section.

Interested listeners might also like to hear this interview with Suzi where she explains how she applies podcasting, which includes repurposing of content, the importance of consistency, and how you don’t need sophisticated technology to get started with podcasting.

  1. Sean Callanan and friends at Beers, Blokes and Business podcast

This podcast always starts out with two or three blokes sharing a beer before delving into the day’s topics, so it has plenty of the fun factor! Topics include internet trends, crowdfunding, recruitment, SEO, hospitality, marketing, start-ups and plenty of others.

  1. Flying Solo podcast

Flying Solo has been around for a while now and was created as a community and network for small and micro businesses, particularly for sole traders.

Some of Flying Solo’s more recent podcasts include:

  • The futility of ‘follower envy’ – revolves around the business of obsessing over your followers on social media.
  • Insights from an award-winning innovator – tips from innovation expert Amanda Westphal.
  • How to be a service star – from award-winning businesswoman Libby O’Sullivan.
  • A peek at the future of small business – where futurist Craig Rispin shares his insights on major changes ahead for small businesses.

  1. Eagle Waves Radio – radio station for small business

Eagle Waves is a Sydney radio station created specifically for small business owners that offers a number of resources including podcasts. The station’s podcasts cover a range of important topics such as the R&D tax incentive, the sharing economy, ASIC and small business, compliance, superannuation and data protection.

So if you need information on tax, regulation and other business matters but you find some of the reading on these topics rather dry, you might find listening to conversations and discussions on these issues more engaging!

  1. The new ‘Content with Humans’ podcast

Article Writers Australia recently started the ‘Content with Humans’ podcast, featuring a series of interviews with people who work in the marketing space. It’s a great opportunity for business owners to grab some tips from seasoned marketers including videographers, content translators, SEO experts and more. The first episode was published in late May 2024, so bookmark this Australian content marketing podcast and stay tuned!

Content marketing podcast

One of the benefits of podcasts is the way they generally have a conversational and relaxed tone. This can help make them easier to engage with than written content. These samples of Australian-based podcasts can provide you with valuable business insights, and a bit of fun humour as well. They might even give you the inspiration to start your own podcasts!

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