What Makes Quality Content?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the importance of quality content – and we’re not the only ones. The quality of content now affects search rankings on Google, and some recent research from the search giant indicates that perhaps 10% of people’s daily searches are for topics that require more than quick answers. So, in-depth content is definitely part of the quality equation. But what else contributes to quality content, and if you’re not a professional content writer, how do you go about making sure you’re producing it?

It starts with good writing Content needs to be easy to read, so use simple language, and make sure it’s free of jargon. It’s no good making brilliant points, or having the best offers in the world, if people are going to be put off by typos and confusing grammatical errors. Always use the spell check, and read things over before you publish. You also have to make sure you structure your work to make it easy for customers to understand, quickly. With content such as articles or blog posts, make sure you put the key points at the top, then further explain or illustrate further down in the article. If you’re writing a status update for social media promoting a sale, or a new service you’re offering, the update should summarise the key point you’re trying to make. Make your content as in-depth as possible. This doesn’t mean waffling, it means offering more than a few sentences of useful information. Make your content clear, and information-rich.

Be user-friendly High quality content is primarily material which is focused on the customer. Instead of wasting paragraph after paragraph talking about how great your products and services are, focus on the problems you can solve for your customer, or address issues they may have.

Aim to engage When someone’s discussing something you are interested in, whether it be work-related or personal, a typical response is to want to join in. High quality content evokes the same impulse, and is relevant and rewarding for your customer.

Write for your audience Effective content is carefully phrased to appeal to your target market. The style and voice should be very different when you’re seeking to engage professionals, such as lawyers, from that you’d use if you were hoping to attract young mums. If you’re not sure how to switch voices or find the appropriate style, then it may be time to turn to a professional content writer.

Business versus entertainment Content that is there simply to entertain might do a great job of getting your brand shared on social media, but you need material with a serious business purpose if you’re to turn visitors into customers. High quality content is written to get visitors to take action, whether that is to buy your product, or download an ebook. Before you put fingers to keyboard, it’s imperative to know exactly what you want your content to achieve.

Raise your profile Quality content is easily found (by consumers as well as search engines) and shared. Here’s how:

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques. Keywords are still vital, Google’s algorithm changes simply mean keywords should fall naturally into text, rather than be stuffed in everywhere.
  • Use meta tags effectively. These are things like title tags, html header tags and description tags. They are not necessarily part of the body text of your content, but have a huge impact on how easily your material is found by Google. This applies to your social meda updates too.
  • Make sure you put your social media buttons on your blog, your website and even on things like email newsletters. Include links and images in your social media updates.

High quality content is vital We hope this helps you understand what makes quality content, and just how important it can be to achieving your business goals, whether you want to boost sales, inform customers or build your brand and reputation. It doesn’t matter how short the material is or whether it’s going on your website, blog or social media pages – it still needs to be informative and engaging. So take your time when you’re writing, and if writing isn’t your strong suit, it’s well worth working with a professional content writer.

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