Five ways to improve your social media message for the New Year

Well its that time of year again, when we all reflect on the rapidly-disappearing year, work out what went right and what went wrong and try to remedy that with our traditional New Year’s resolutions. If you’re anything like me, some of your resolutions will just be recycled from last year but hey…it’s the thought that counts…

However while you’re in reflective mode, and looking to make improvements for 2012, why not do the same for your social media business pages? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sharpen the message
Go back to the aims you had when you began your social media as a communication and marketing arm to your business. Has it successfully delivered the message you had in mind? Have you brought together people who contribute regularly and intelligently to the page? Does social media successfully direct traffic to your business website?

If these goals have not all been met, consider sharpening the message. Keep your posts more on topic and reflective of your company’s aims and mission.

Tweak the personality
There should be consistency between the “character” of the social media site and that of your website and company. Though social media is designed to be a more “chatty” and integrated forum, the style and substance should not be so far removed from the character of your website as to create a sense of disconnect. Check to see if this is the case in your social media accounts.

Involve your audience more
Social media is not only about sharing information with your readers but also creating a two-way conversation. Should this not be happening with your social media sites, look to ways to get your readers more involved. Consider questions, polls and ask for readers’ requests. Open up those communication channels!

Survey your audience
Taking the idea of involving your audience one step further, why not survey them to get feedback on the social media site? Ask them what they like, and more importantly, what they don’t like about the site. Ask the type of posts they would like to see included (for example, more interviews with leading personalities in the relevant field).

Adjust (if necessary) the frequency of your posts
One of the key questions you’ll need to ask your readers is whether or not the frequency of your updates works for them. Are there too many posts? Or too few? A great deal of social media is about getting the balance right and considered input on this question from your regular readers may be invaluable. Listen to the reactions and adjust the regularity accordingly.

So there's a start towards getting your thinking going on how to improve your social media business communication for the New Year. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact Leonie at Article Writers Australia (your content writing specialists).Finally, as this is the last article for 2011, I’d like to take the opportunity on behalf of AWA to thank you all for your support during the year and wish you a happy, safe and even more productive 2012.

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