Finding the Right Health Content Writer

You’ve probably heard about the importance of regularly posting fresh, high-quality content on your website in order to make it search-engine-friendly and get noticed on the net. You may have every intention of writing some great articles and blog posts yourself, but have little spare time to write. While many businesses would simply call in a writing agency, health topics can be complex. A writer who has no knowledge of the topic or field concerned is likely to struggle to produce the quality of article you need. And if you need copywriting help for a new website and need to navigate TGA regulations, you need professional writers who understand TGA copywriting issues.

You’ll need to be a little more persistent in your efforts to find the right person for the job.

Where can you find health writers?

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Finding a good quality health article writing service is not always easy. People working in the health field are the obvious experts, but are more than likely devoting their time to treating their clients and don’t have time to write for a living. And if you do find one who writes professionally, it’s likely to be pretty expensive to engage their services.


Another option is to find a qualified health sciences graduate, or someone working towards qualifications in your field. Final year students and graduates have usually picked up very good research skills and have also spent a number of years writing up papers and assignments in their studies. A down side to this option is that while they might be great at writing assignments, they may lack article writing skills – writing an article is quite different from preparing an academic piece.

A retired health professional who has taken to blogging might be a good option. A retiree is likely to have built up a wealth of expertise, and might be keen to earn some extra income to boost the retirement fund. Ensure that he or she has kept up with recent scientific research on your topics and won’t be writing only from out-dated past personal experience. It’s also possible the two of you will have different professional views on some things.

Advertising your need for a health writer in the classifieds of your industry publication might also draw some response.

Larger professional writing services often have content writers who are competent in some health related topics. Contact the service with a description of your likely topic areas and ask for information about the credentials of any suitable writer. If you’re unsure, ask if the first article can be completed as a sample so that you only have to pay if it meets your brief and standards.

Communicating your needs to a writer

You might know what you want, but you need to be able to communicate that to the writer. Writing services will generally ask you to complete a job brief that collects the required information, however, if you’re not using a service, you may want to:

  • Write out a bullet-point list of any specific points you would like made in the article.
  • Specify the style of writing you want – whether conversational, academic, corporate, business-like, informal, humorous, etc., and the length you would like it to be.
  • Inform the writer of the type of research you want included in the article. Engaging a health writer can be a great boon if you don’t have time to read research papers or journals for yourself and really need someone else to do it and come up with a summary of the findings.
  • Let the writer know of any relevant deadlines, and ask when you could expect to receive the article/s.

A good writing service or freelance health writer will be able to get the gist of what you want, without you having to over-explain yourself.

Have you had trouble finding a quality health article writing service that you can afford? We might be able to help! We have produced many articles for health professionals including dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, psychologists and fitness experts. In fact one of our content writers holds a health sciences degree with majors in nutrition and health promotion, and has a keen interest in writing on a variety of health-related topics. Contact us for more information.

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