A Google Panda Rescue Story With a Happy Ending

Recently, Article Writers Australia assisted a new client whose site had suffered a massive loss in traffic due to Google Panda. She has kindly written the guest post below to share her experience.

My name is Nici Bruckner,  I am a WFHM, my business being pet websites.  One of these websites, saw a noticeable drop in traffic in February 2011 and then traffic halved overnight in mid April.  Not only did traffic fall by 70% total, revenue dropped even further, as most of the traffic was lost from high value pages.

I spoke with my SEO team, the SEOGuys who advised I’d been hit by Google Panda and the problem was likely because I had so many articles that were either

  • Too short
  • Not very well written
  • Not very unique with copies or near copies on other sites.

Additionally, I had problems with my business directory and site technology which the SEOGuys said they would fix for me, but that it was up to me to sort out my problem articles.

I started rewriting them but the task was simply too great.  650 problem articles – even at rewriting 10 a day( a real stretch for me time wise) by the time I had rewritten them and perhaps seen a recovery, I’d be broke in any case.  Richard from the SEOGuys recommended I get Article Writers to do some for me.  I was reticent at first.  The price seemed more than I could afford… and what if it didn’t work?  I delayed my decision for a month thinking maybe my site might spontaneously recover.  It didn’t.

Finally, with traffic dropping further I jumped in and committed myself to getting my 100 worst articles rewritten immediately, and then 20 articles a month redone after that.  The first 50 arrived from Article writers in under two weeks and they were really good quality.  Unique, well researched, written at a high level.  I was really impressed.  I loaded them to my website and 6 days later BAM! The Google Panda penalty on my site was lifted.  My site traffic doubled over night.  Not only did the rewritten pages see big jumps, all pages on my site improved in rankings as Panda effects not only the poor quality pages on your site – it also effects the high quality ones too.

If your site has been hit by Panda and you’ve not been able to recover it, I suggest you contact

  • The SEOGuys for an overview as to the problems – likely they can help you.  They did all sorts of other stuff to my site in addition to recommending I fix my articles – all too technical for me, but clearly effective.
  • Article Writers to get your articles/product descriptions/directory listings rewritten by someone in their team of professional writers. 

Contact either or both businesses – either way you will see results I am sure.

For me, this is a disaster averted.  My website revenue has tripled overnight and I can sleep at night.

NIci Bruckner

“Succinct, engaging
and accurate”

I’ve worked with the team at Article Writers Australia for over 2 years now. They’ve been instrumental in ensuring our articles and case studies are succinct, engaging, and accurate.

They do feel like they are part of my team – they know us so well I think I could write a brief on a Post-It note.

Fi Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, Kennards Hire

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